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Bird Grooming: nail trims, wing trimming, and beak shaping. *

prices may vary.


DNA sexing. **


Disease testing. **


TOYS: We have a lot of toys for your birds.


Cages: Plenty of used cages for sale. We do not carry new cages.


Other entertainment and education: puzzles, books, games, movies etc.




* Grooming your bird is done by experienced personnel. Even with experience; grooming can still be very dangerous to the bird. With that said, the grooming service is done at your own risk.



To reduce health risks please notify the groomers of any medical conditions your bird has. i.e. seizures




** DNA and Disease testing is not done by PAEP. We collect the needed samples, complete the paperwork, and submit the samples to professionals for testing.



Parrot Adoption Education Program

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